What we offer

Flexible management packages to suit your needs


Increased Profitability

Using dynamic pricing, we guarantee the highest income for each night.


Listing Optimization

We’ll create the perfect listing to highlight the features of your property and encourage higher booking rates.


Guest Screening and Support

We’ll screen the guests to your specification and provide 24/7 support to take care of all their needs.


Check in and check out

We’ll provide all the information your guests need to ensure seamless check in and check out processes.


Cleaning Coordination

We’ll coordinate with your cleaning service to ensure your property is cleaned to our standard before each new check-in.


Design and photo services

We’ll coordinate a photo shoot of your property to make sure it stands out. We can also offer design advice to optimize your property.

Why Choose OUIBNB

We insist on client satisfaction. Combined with our knowledge of the local area and years of experience traveling and hosting with Airbnb, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands. You’ll see an increase in your earnings, with none of the effort.

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    Airbnb Super hosts

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    Multi-lingual team

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    Attention to detail

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    24/7 Communication

  • chooseflex

    Total Flexibility

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    Hassle-free Hosting