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Over the a quarter century, TDA has implemented various projects that have played significant role in improving the livelihood of millions of people.

  • Constructed and furnished more than 650 primary and 42 secondary schools;
  • Established and runs a special secondary school (Kalamino) offering full boarding for high achievers that are annually competitively selected from all complete primary schools.
  • Established one college of engineering offering degree programs in four fields of engineering (Electrical and electronics, engineering, computer science, and information technology),
  • Constructed and equipped 21 libraries in major cities of Tigrai and secondary schools;
  • Constructed 2 hospitals, 7 health centers and 74 clinics and health posts;
  • Collected and distributed hundreds of thousands of books, reference materials and medical equipments worth over 150 million dollars donated from abroad;
  • Strengthened the capacity of thousands of teachers, school principals, health professionals, parents and local community leaders through short term training;
Establishing Science and Technology Centers

Now a days it has become conventional wisdom that if countries wish to break the poverty cycle and achieve (post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals), they will have to set up ambitious national minimum target investments for Science and Technology education. Cognizant of this fact the government has been giving due emphasis that range from expansion of TVETs to establishing Institute of Technologies and Science and Technology Universities. 70 percent of new entrants to higher institutions are also made to join Science and Technology fields.

With the aim of strengthening Science and Technology Education, Tigrai Development Association is establishing Virtual Computer centers in 100 secondary schools and constructing Science and Technology Centers at 37 secondary schools.

  • Virtual Computer Centers:– To increase IT agility, flexibility, and scalability while creating significant cost savings the computer (ICT) centers that are being established at secondary schools are virtual ones that use Thin Client Virtualization technology device. The server-side infrastructure makes use of cloud computing software such as application virtualization, hosted shared desktop (HSD) or desktop virtualization (VDI). This combination forms what is known today as a cloud-based system where desktop resources are centralized into one or more data centers.
  • Science and Technology Centers: –The current Growth and Transformation Plan seeks transformation of the agricultural led economy into industry led economic development. This demands middle and high-level human resources equipped with science and technology that can play vital role in sustainable economic development in the increasingly knowledge-based global economy.
  • This project that has been piloted in five secondary schools comprises establishing three fundamental elements, namely, science laboratories, ICT centers and library in one block via:
  • Construction of G+1 building for science laboratories, ICT center and library.
  • Equipping the science and technology centers with necessary amenities such as furniture, equipment, computers, chemicals and books (both hard copies and e-library).
  • Installing virtual computer system, a software computer that runs an operating system and applications.

Providing in-service training to science and information technology teachers and laboratory technicians on effective utilization of available facilities and motivating students’ interest in science and technology.