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Maintaining Kallamino as a source of future technologists, scientists and leaders by enhancing its teaching learning process and increasing its enrollment capacity by three fold.

Establishment of Information and Technology Centers

Strengthening the quality of ICT education through setting up centers of virtual computer in all secondary schools.

Tigray State University

Founding a globally competitive Tigray State University capable to produce talented students coming from various parts of Tigrai that can advocate for the benefit of Tigray in the next five years.

Coverage of Secondary Schools

Expediting full coverage of secondary schools through mounting their number.


Making the most competent students and lecturers of Tigrai universities issue a countrywide voluntary educational service in all secondary schools.

Introducing Honors Class Program

Playing a profound role in creating a manpower that facilitates an industry-led economic development through establishing model secondary schools having outstanding students in all woreda towns of Tigrai.

From 'Das' to Class

Let’s put an end to the snake from being a classmate of students of Tigrai, which becomes our embarrassing history and never should this be an agenda of Tigrai any longer.

Dignity of Tigrians and values of Tigrai

Lay a solid foundation over the coverage of education by converting “Dass classes” into blocks.

Leasing Our Land,
Fueling Climate Change

At various times in the geologic past, the Earth had dense forests in low-lying wetland areas. Due to natural processes such as flooding, these forests were buried underneath soil. As more and more soil deposited over them, they were compressed.


Clean Water Changes Absolutely Everything

Factors that can shape climate are called climate forcings or “forcing mechanisms”. These include processes such as variations in solar radiation, variations in the Earth’s orbit, variations in the albedo or reflectivity of the oceans.

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